Call To Action: International Youth - A Photo Series By You

Call To Action: International Youth - A Photo Series By You

One of the motivations to start Biancissimo was to shed light on creatives from all around the world that hustle away from the spotlight and major social media feeds.

There are photographers, filmmakers, designers, creatives and small brands in every city and there are offices and schools full of talented people who can’t wait to finish their day job and get back to their cameras, pens, drawing boards, pitches, websites and so on. There is no limit to creativity nowadays, and the youth have never been so energetic and impactful.


After one year of doing Biancissimo and a bunch of years being connected with creatives from all over the world, I’ve realized that it’s about time I tried to fuse all these creative powers from the Biancissimo family and help us create something together.

The idea is quite simple, and right now its outcome is totally unknown. However, Biancissimo presents...


International Youth - A Photo Series By You

Let’s create something together, shoot roll after roll, and combine the best pictures into one photo series on Biancissimo. I would love to see how everyone's eyes and minds take and interpret the same challenge, questions and vibe:

Youth. What does it mean to you, your generation, your outfit, your style, your everyday life, your creativity, your city and your surroundings?

Your task is pretty simple: Take an analogue camera, pick up some film and head out. There are no rules to this, there is no right or wrong. Whatever gets you or inspires you when you think about Youth is what you should shoot. It can be streetwear, your neighbourhood, your friends, gangs, lovers, things you hate, people that need help or problems others should be aware of. Just take a camera and shoot some pictures. That’s it.


To spice things up I will give one of my beloved Yashica Samurais X3 to the person that sends in my favourite picture. It’s the same model that you’ve seen me shooting a lot of pictures with lately, and I tested the one you can win on my last trip to Tokyo to check that it works. It does:

To ensure that the contest is as fair as possible, I’ve picked a panel of people that inspired me to pick up a camera to help me choose the winner:

T.G (@oi_mon), Daan Dam (@daantjedamage), Louis L. Bever (@louisbever), Lion Mayer (@Lion.mayer) and Kim Bjork (@kim_bjork).

A reminder of what you need to do:

  • Think about Youth
  • Shoot some film - analogue film
  • Upload one or more photos on Instagram with the hashtag #InternationalSamurai and @mrbianco
  • You don’t have to follow anybody, you don’t have to tag three friends in the comments, and you definitely don’t have to repost a fucking stupid picture
  • Deadline is the 4th March, so you got 3 weeks - easy, right?
  • Check your DMs and comments, and mail me your pictures if/when I slide into your DMs
  • Be part of this
  • Thank you
Picture This: Oliver Kristen In Brooklyn

Picture This: Oliver Kristen In Brooklyn

Picture This: Jesse Van der Tuuk In Osijek

Picture This: Jesse Van der Tuuk In Osijek