Johnny Terror x Bianco: A Scarf

Johnny Terror x Bianco: A Scarf

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About four years ago Johnny Terror and I crossed paths, a move that would change our lives forever. An upcoming illustrator & artist and an Editor-In-Chief & creative became best friends and collaborators. The love for Neo Tokyo, utopian grey concrete jungles, Japanese culture, subcultures, chopsticks and rice bowls formed us into a very own Berlin chapter.

Social anxiety, otaku culture, stupid jokes and manga eyes mean we’d rather stay at home together drawing and writing. Only going out for food and cigarettes instead of connecting with the rest of Berlin and the cool kids world.
Our friendship pushed us forward. From working together for different magazines, creating words and art for Nike & Solebox to individual highlights like Terror working for NikeLab, ACRONYM and me interviewing him for i-D and exploring Tokyo - we get shit done.

Of course it was about time to finally create something together. Something that represents us, our love for Japan, food, our creative hustle and hunger.

After working on this for almost a year we are finally ready to present you our very first drop:

A scarf

High quality and authenticity were the main goals while thinking and planing, what and how could we put our creative powers into a suitable piece of work and fashion.

The outcome says it all: A double knitted, on both sides and individually embroidered,  100% Baby Alpaca scarf.

In a time where everybody starts a brand, drops a T-Shirt and produces just another acrylic plastic scarf, we decided to not be a part of this fast fashion, non-quality movement.

By choosing Bedford Knitwear we made sure to have a producer that guaranteed us the best possible product, an animal friendly procedure and a human manner in which the wool was gathered.

We consider this scarf as a statement and commitment for quality and against fast fashion. We also consider us as business rookies and fools because we choose quality over business and happy faces over profit.

A scarf like this shouldn’t be available for 85 Euros. From our producer to our consultants, everybody urged us to raise the price. 

Our dream and goal was it to get this scarf out to you, see it around your neck, see you eating food with your friends in this.

So just believe me, when I tell you the time we spent designing, planing and stressing ourself with this scarf is in no relation with anything we get from this. It’s a family thing.

You can buy the scarf here at Caldo Worldwide. A very special hub for creatives and artists that connects entrepreneurship with the art scene. Thank you a lot at Caldo for supporting us. There is more to come.

The lookbook was shot in Tokyo by Hiroki Abe and creative direction by Marta Espinosa.

Get the scarf here.

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