Picture This: Don't Try By Lionel Pierron

Picture This: Don't Try By Lionel Pierron

Picture This is a series by creatives, photographers, friends and lovers that belong to the worldwide Biancissimo family. In every episode of this series, one of these talented people will take us on a visual journey of their own. 

This time I am very proud and happy to present you a special friend and very, very talented photographer on top - Lionel Pierron. Earlier this year when I've asked the Biancissimo family and network to contribute to our very own photo series - International Youth - Lionel’s pictures belonged to my overall favourites. He has such a good eye and lens for catching emotions from all sides of life that it really gave me a hard time to choose only one or two to be featured in the series. At the end I decided to feature them all and more importantly, we became friends. 

But let's push things forward and present you an editorial Lionel shot exclusively for Biancissimo highlighting two things we both love the most - food and fashion. I am incredibly proud to feature Lionel and all his creative friends on Biancissimo: From Montreal, Canada they present us their very own take on fashion and life. Enjoy some of my favourite brands on this planet combined with some of the best food you can eat. Lovely. Welcome to the family Lionel.


Picture This: Don't Try By Lionel Pierron

My name is Lionel Pierron and I’m a photographer from Montréal, Canada. I’ve been taking photos for so long, can’t even remember when all of this started. I suppose people started to refer to me as a photographer and I just liked the title. All of this happened before Instagram – at a time when you needed to prove that you had something to deserve the title.

I took part in the International Youth contest thinking it would be a fun way to show my work and discover other photographers. To my surprise, I never realised that a few emails would lead to me having a connection with Adrian. After some correspondence with each other, we ended up doing something for the blog (what you’re reading right now).

I didn’t want to delve into it too much, so I asked myself the following: What made me follow Adrian’s work?

I found that the answer was pretty simple:

    1. Our love for food, and
    2. Our love for fashion.

After all, the idea for the editorial fell into those two things. It’s pretty much what me and my friends would do on a Sunday. No artifice, no playing. Just simple friendship.

You know, on Charles Bukowski’s gravestone you can read “don’t try”. It’s amusing to me that an alcoholic genius that sold over 2 million copies of his work, inscribed that on his tombstone. We live at a time where everything seems staged and we aimlessly spend our time and money “trying” to prove that we have a better life than others. What you see in the photos is me capturing the real: just friends enjoying dim sum on a Sunday. I could’ve hired a make-up artist, asked for clothes at SSENSE and had an overpriced stylist come pick them up. But why? I took these photos with love. My wish is that more people pick up a camera and document life – what’s the worst that can happen? We’re all going to die one day, so let’s have some fun.

  • Photography: Lionel Pierron 
  • Direction: Phiroum Saphan
  • Styling: Jonathan Lim
  • Model: Danny Huynh
  • Consulting Rhys Kearns
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