The Asia Praesentiert Essen Guide to: Everything You Should Eat in Tokyo

The Asia Praesentiert Essen Guide to: Everything You Should Eat in Tokyo

*Update: I’ve added a google map (here)  to this guide now. You now will be able to see all the places I’ve visited, from Ramen to Izakayas (in the future) and Matcha greatness on a big map that puts them all together in one master list. Lovely right? Check it out here, share it and eat it. Actually, everything is perfect and tasty on this list, but if you’re close to one of the places marked as a star, you should stop thinking about where to go next and become Super Mario on Nintendo 64 and hunt those sites down.

Before you continue reading this guide, open up Instagram and follow this account. There is no stronger movement worldwide and the true mastermind behind this movement is my very very good friend Constantin Tran aka #constantintran.

Constantin is a living genius knowing all the details about absolutely everything, which includes all of my favorite brands, and, most likely, even all of yours; also, he is the go- to- person for all kinds of tricky question, but, what is in this case more important, this guy knows a lot about food. 

Also he knows very well how to hold food and together with a changing gang of Asian guest holders he presents food in a very sexy and futuristic way. And trust me, the world has never seen this before, but was surely waiting for this since Eve screwed up Adam by holding up an apple. There is no better account than #asiapraesentiertessen, got it?

So when I was sure that Constantin would join the Tokyo gang I knew right away, that we had to take #asiapraesentiertessen (follow it now) to another level and create his very own guide. Safe thing.

Constantin actually eats absolutely everything and also holds everything towards a camera, so even though he is from a family who has mastered food and is responsible for some of the best Asian restaurants in our hometown, this guy swiftly goes from zero to 100 – more precisely said, from high class to sexy greasy low life food within a blink of an eye. Constantin has respect for all kinds of food, as long it’s peng, boss, tasty, and holdable.

So everything you will find in this guide in Tokyo is hella approved and will make your day and night in Tokyo better, way better. Trust me. So let it begin… 


Let`s start this Tokyo guide with something unexpected - Donuts.

As I said, #asiapraesentiertessen is open for all kind of food and, just because we are in the middle of Shibuya, this doesn’t exclude Donuts. He urged me to eat the classic KK´s and he was right. This shit is fire and so unbelievably fluffy and good, that you manage to eat 3 pieces in about 3,5 seconds for sure. Go there in between your daily meals, or at night and simply be happy.


Time for some fried chicken, some extra good fried chicken and some drinks. Gaburi Chicken is located in the middle of Tokyo's love hotel area and the perfect spot to take a little breath from dodgy ladies offering you special massages, drunk Japanese sleeping on the sidewalk, and super EDM Aussie bros screaming out after some bump fists, fucking with your vision. This place is open till late, really late and you can easily show up with a lot of lads, drink booze and have Japanese fried chicken. What else do u need?


Let`s head over to some real Japanese masterfulness. Torikatsu and Tonkatsu at Fukuyoshi near the Harajuku Supreme store. Go there early, they sell out almost faster than the next Sup drops, order a Katsu and taste something you will never (ever) have at home and be happy! The fluffiness of this fried chicken or pork meat is unbeatable and you will never (never) ever get this outside of Japan. It`s unreal, I love it. By the way, every Japanese friend told me with a big smile this is Eric Clapton’s favourite restaurant in Tokyo. Cool story, bro.


Time for some steak. No time to sit down while you let it melt on your tongue though. Ikinari steak is a chain all over Tokyo which serves you a really good steak for a kind of fair price. The only thing is, this restaurant has no seats, you eat and order on a bar table. It`s a nice experience and a nice steak, nothing you can really go wrong with. 


Time for some 24h Gyoza in the heart of Harajuku. We went there at 3am and really enjoyed our bowl of cucumber, bean sprouts with steamed and fried gyoza. All just because of Mohi and his very own Biancissimo guide. Arigatou. (read it)


Kaykaia by The Sea is the king, also part of one of my old Tokyo guides and there also is an interview with the mastermind behind this lovely restaurant. So everything in this restaurant is totally approved (by me). A new addition to Kaikaya (at least for us) was the lunch menu where we ate some seriously good tuna tartare and beef steak, some soup, some tea and some small starter for ridiculous 950 yen. Go there for lunch (and at night).


Saima Sensei our very own Glasgwegian Tokyo resident didn’t stop to tell us about the glory of this cheesecake factory right at the Shinjuku station and after a couple of days, drinks and nights she surprised us with a small cake for each Tokyo lover. She was right, this cake is amazing and made out of the best Hokkaido cheese possible. I really want to eat this thing again. ASAP!


Time for another tonkotsu and another amazing place where you can eat it - Maisen Tonkotsu. Last time around I went for a super expensive and super tasty kotsu on the menu. This time we had the lunch option for 950 yen and got once again blown out of our minds. 7,50 Euro for a meal like this is almost unbelievable but still real. Do it. Just do it.


Sushi Zanmai is open for 24 hours, the price is fair and they serve one of the best nigiri we ever had in our lives - Broiled fatty tuna. Jesus. The guy who runs this chain has posters of his face all over the place and looks kinda happy all the time. Legit. 


A Japanese rice omelet is a fine thing and this place is cheesy as fuck. This chain looks like a Disneyland theme park version of a (dirty) South American cheesy greasy cowboy ranch restaurant – plus, it serves Japanese Style omelets that are totally valid. Try it at least once though. It’s good. 


We bumped into Toriko while we were on the run for another round of Tonkotsu (we really like Tonkotsu). They had one on the menu and what we didn’t expect was that they mix rice, sauce, salad, an egg and pasta - on one plate. Which sounds like an all inclusive hotel buffet in Antalya, Turkey, turned out to be quite good! The garlic rice was super straight, the Tonkotsu was legit, the salad was a salad and the pasta was not Mama Mia, but ok. 


In the heart of Shinuki, a place that really looks colorful, shiny, cheap and shit (all together) at night you find Kakekomi Gyoza. This place serves all kinds of gyoza and some horse sashimi. And yes we had it all. You can easily skip the horse sashimi, but you should definitely go for the pan-fried gyoza and the once cooked in a broth on your table. The deep fried once were interesting, too. You can actually eat every gyoza in there. It`s Gyoza heaven.


#asiapraesentiertessen eats fries with gravy in Tokyo. That`s the thing, there are no limits and no borders. Free the world, free your tummy. This place was good, it had German beer and fries with gravy... Do it or not. (If you don’t do it check out the ramen around the corner from this guide, Jesus, yes)


Deep down or better a lot of floors up in a big and fancy shopping mall you find this matcha restaurant straight from Kyoto - the capital for matcha dishes. While looking over the Shinjuku skyline you will experience a badass matcha milk ice shake, some shaved matcha ice, some matcha pudding and everything else that has matcha in it. Read this guide to even eat more matcha! Do it. 


Did you ever have the urge to feel some European hipster food market vibes in the middle of Tokyo? Probably not, but fuck it. Go to Commune order some Weißbier, sausages, Mojitos or everything else hip and cool. This place is approved and a nice, chilled oasis in between the busy streets of Harajuku. We got slightly drunk in there, too. Lovely.


Time for the oiliest, but at the same time best pizza of Tokyo (some might even say in the world). Seirinkan looks like straight out of a steam punk anime (copy pasted this sentence from this guide) and serves only two kinds of sexy, simple (and super oily) pizzas. It actually has the best pizza crust I’ve ever had. When you usually want to skip all the crust around the world, at this place u cannot wait to bite into it and get happy. It`s like a Pharrel Williams video, just with pizza instead of dancers and without shitty feel, good music but oil instead.


If you ever make your way to Yokohama to eat some Chinese food in one of the biggest China Towns worldwide or to try the ramen out of this list, make sure to also eat some cheesecake at this place. It’s lovely and frozen. Imagine yourself sitting in a small park in China Town and telling yourself you will never eat again. Then you suddenly remember you still got this frozen cheesecake, then you will eat it and continue eating forever (as long as you are in Japan). 


We started the guide with donuts and we end it with burgers (and I forgot to take a picture so just follow this account and be happy). There are several Shake Shacks in Tokyo, and even though you ARE in Tokyo this burger still is the flying shit. So if you don’t have one of these monster burgers in your hometown you really should go get one in Tokyo, even though there is sushi, ramen and all that other good shit. Don’t be a sophisticated cunt; we know you love some burgers. Do it.

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